Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dear Senator

Boy, I am angry today.

I just wrote to both Texas senators (Cornyn and Cruz) and four of the five Democratic senators (Baucus, Begich, Heitkamp, Pryor and Reid) who recently voted against what was a very moderate  and reasonable gun-control measure.  Although 9 out of 10 Americans supported it, not even 6 out of 10 senators voted for it.  Particularly disturbing is the fact that these five Democrats decided that their particular political futures were worth more to them than their responsibilities to the American People.  As I understand it, Ried voted against it so he can bring it to the floor again. I am not sure about that, but I give him the benefit of the doubt--for now.

Interesting side note:  In order to "Contact Me", all senators require that writers fill out a form, giving name, phone, address, and email--all required fields.  However, the "Subject Line" drop-down menu for four of the six that I just wrote did not even include "Gun Control" as a possible subject!  In one case I was able to choose "Crime" (seems like one, doesn't it?) and the other I had to choose something like "Other".  Pfft.  One included "Your suggestions for deficit reduction", like that is more important than preventing the criminally insane from murdering children in cold blood.

I know the senators themselves won't read it but you can be sure their staff will not be getting a break for a few days if everyone were to write them and let them know how we feel. Senator Gabrielle Giffords said it best when she called them out in the New York Times.

Here is what I said:
Dear Senator Cornyn, 
I am disappointed and ashamed of you for your willful disregard of the will of the American public and for abandoning the children of Sandy Hook with your no vote on the recent legislation that would have prevented guns from being sold without restriction to felons and dangerous individuals.  
You say that you are interested in protecting the Constitution, but have you forgotten that the Constitution serves the People, not the other way around? 
I urge you to do the right thing and vote for some reasonable protections for those of us (that's nine out of ten) Americans (that's The People) who feel that some measure of control is needed for the horrible epidemic of gun violence that is gripping our nation today.   
If the recent death of twenty innocent children is not enough for you to change your mind; if seeing and hearing the raw grief of the families who lost their children is not enough for you to change your mind, what will be?   
Shame on you.  Have you no heart?