Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Final Move

Well, we've made the decision and the move is day after tomorrow, to the private care home called Angel's Place. Cheryl did indeed go by to meet with Lynda and said she had talked with her and felt she could care for her. More than that, she said she would take care of Mom and this with the earnest smile of one who means well and who will do what she says. Of course it won't be easy, but this is the role she's taken and I'm grateful to have her and the home she's providing for Lynda.

Steve and I went to install most of her furniture; a table, bookcase, lamp and dresser. Hospice will arrange for delivery of a hospital bed tomorrow and Wedndesday afternoon, after I get off work, we'll move her.

The place is quiet, sunny and clean. It smelled good when we came in and her room is, of course, clean and well lit. We'll finish arranging thins once she's there and I'll go hang some paintings and put up books and things around to make it more 'hers'

I don't know how much she'll notice, however, as on our visit today she was again curled up in bed and unwilling or unable to turn over to look at us, She did open her eyes to look at me when I sat down on the bed and leaned in close. I stroke her hair as she closed her eyes and mumbled something softly. I told her what we have planned and she nodded and gave the slightest shrug. 'What am I gonna do, say no?'
is what comes to mind, and I can't say as I blame her. Yes, she doesn't have many choices left, but I hope this last move will at least bring her some peace and quiet.

It may be weeks now, but I don't see it lasting more than a month. IN any case, I think she's waiting to see Anne, who'll be here this coming Sunday, to let go. At least, I hope she won't linger much longer after they have a chance to talk again, if only because I want her to find peace sooner rather than later.

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