Thursday, March 20, 2008

Portland: II

From Portland

This is the smile that Maddie wore pretty much the whole time that we were in Portland, especially when in consideration of the parts that involved actually going to school, like seeing the kitchens, or, in this case, window-shopping at a fancy cooking school store across the street from the Institute.

I didn't get to all the topics I wanted to cover in my last entry, and though it's clear I won't get to all of it this morning, I do want to remind myself and readers of this journal, of Maddie's enthusiasm about attending the Culinary Institute and her consequent determination to get there and work hard with the photos here and in the online album.

From Portland

My concerns for her ability to cope are soothed a bit now that I am home in the evenings to work with her on school more closely. I see not an inability to perform tasks, even well, but, as always, it is the interest factor that is missing from this part of her formal education.

I worked with her on her government project and my word, it makes even me, who is something of a political fan, bored by the subject! She actually helped me by suggesting a way to work through the definitions faster. She looked them all up in advance, then read and summarized them for me as I typed them up for us later in the project. Her tutor, Claire, is coming over today to help her work on it. My assignment today is simply to get the printer ink:)

Now, I certainly wish and even think I could have done better in terms of her basic education, but for the most part, I have tried to let her find her way though the maze with as little hindrance as possible. This was, perhaps, a mistake, but when I see her enthusiasm for Culinary School and couple it with my knowledge of her ability to make practical choices, I am encouraged to believe that when she lifts her wings to leave for Portland, they will find the air to help her fly.

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