Friday, April 18, 2008

Lynda: Biographical Memoir II

Yesterday I posted the result of a morning's work writing the first draft of my biographical memoir of Lynda. My intent is to refine this memoir and combine it with images of her, her family and her art though the years in a book that I will give to interested friends and family members.

Today, I took it down because, looking back, I see that this particular post was:

a) far too long and thus seemed to 'clog' the journal. I am trying to keep it readable, and pieces of this length are not in keeping with that philosophy, so I've taken it down. it has a place in the book I'm working on, but not here. Readers who are intrigued are welcome to write me and I'll send you a link to the full text.

b) far too raw and not the type of writing I want to 'publish' here. Though I use this space to express thoughts and feelings without constraint, in fact there are some conditions that must be met in order for the words to be readable, so to speak, and without these conditions, it would be too undisciplined. It's a fine line between writing without constraints and spewing stream-of-consciousness garbage.

This memoir is not meant to be a comprehensive biography of Lynda, nor is it intended as a complete catalog of her many works. It is a personal account of my relationship with a most remarkable woman who also happened to be my mother: Lynda Dubov.

This book and this text, illustrated with her own works, on canvas, paper and ink, is meant as a tribute to a woman of great strength, intelligence and compassion who taught me how to learn and how to conduct myself in this world.

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