Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Scholarship for Pierre

Yesterday I called Garza High School to see about setting up a scholarship in Pierre's name. The idea was Anne's and I am grateful to her for thinking of this wonderful way to honor him. I thought it such a good one that when Leonard asked me what they could do to honor Pierre, I suggested that they contribute to the fund. I asked him to contact Anne, which he did, but of course she needs my help in setting it up from this end. I am delighted to do this, since it is such a positive step toward healing our hurt by creating what may be a lasting legacy for our son.

So, after a phone call yesterday, I received a very nice email from the guidance counselor at Garza. Yolanda's memory of Pierre was a good one, and it reminded me that he was always a good person in the company of others. It is nice to know that he touched so many lives in his short time here with us. Knowing that others are grateful to have shared some of that time with him makes me all the more thankful for the bond I have had the privilege of sharing.

It is in this spirit that I hope to establish the scholarship in Pierre's name. Garza has a special place in my heart because now not just one, but three of my 'boys' have been there, and hopefully the third, Dean, will soon be making his 'star walk'! Years ago, I also saw Shawn M. (now known as Trevor G.- he changed his name officially) through the halls of Garza. Though Trevor and I lost touch as I devoted my energies to Pierre, Trevor wrote me a note recently, just to let me know how much he'd appreciated my support and concern through those years. He's now a student at ACC, studying Geology!

So, I do know that Pierre was the exception, not the rule. If we can just get them out of school and onto the road of life, these students will, more often than not, find their way. I have hope for the many other good young people who are struggling to get their lives together, and will create this scholarship, with the help of family and friends, to support at least a few high school students in their endeavors to achieve their goals.

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Trevor W Goodchild said...

I don't have the words to express the feelings I have, and in your eyes I probably don't have the validity to do so. You're right, "I'm sorry for your loss" after so many times becomes a catch phrase and its hard to not numb one's self out to the condolences of others, nonetheless, I'm very sorry to hear about this. Obviously, due to the damage my previous interactions has done to the remains of our former friendship, i was unable to know this until recently, by chance when seeing my former name in your blog (Shawn not sean). It is a great thing you are doing, contacting Garza for the scholarship. I wish I could do something, anything to help, make amends, offer my ear to you and just listen. If it is not too late, I would like to start over, i have great love for you, and hope only good things for you.