Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fired Up!

This video is my latest attempt to document what goes on behind-the-scenes at Hudson's on the Bend Restaurant in Austin Texas. Of course, it is just a four and a half minute peek into that world, and as such it hardly constitutes a 'documentary'.

But it does consist of just about every picture I've taken at Hudson's during the four years since I purchased my first digital camera. And, as the good people of Hudson's will tell you, I've had that damn camera out in my hand just about every day I've worked in those four years.

This has had at least two effects. First, the people have gotten used to me taking pictures, and so, with notable exceptions, no longer even look at the camera much, let alone pose for it as they were inclined to do in the early days.

Second, and more important, though, has been the fact that despite the sheer number of images I've accumulated in that time with no clear idea of how I was going to use them, I actually used just about all of them while making this video!

I did use many of them in my first video, "It's Saturday Night" so I made an attempt not to duplicate them, in as much as was possible without outright abandoning my first set of images. I never did actually count them all, but suffice it to say that there are several hundred images crammed into this video at the very least, and all of them were edited pretty much by hand.

I had some serious technical difficulties while finishing this work. It seems that even though my effort was rather modest (it's not the Titantic, right?)it was more than my video program or computer (or combination of the two) could handle, so at the very end, with 99% "in the can" so to speak, I got stuck. I will not be able to burn this to a DVD for those still-not-well-understood reasons, but no matter.

The intent, originally, was to post it on YouTube so Jeff and Sara could see it while they were in China, but of course, they've been back for three weeks now and I've just posted it today!

Ok, enough complaining. I really did enjoy making this video, mostly because I enjoyed taking all the pictures and finally having something to do with them!

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Gnostic said...

Not bad, I'm surprised the camera didn't get food on it. You tall spindly types, towering above the rest of us i guess have the advantage of not being as much in the line of fire.
Good timing with the guitar music 3 note sequence and the pictures moving in concert with it.
Youtube today, tomorrow the world.

Maybe sometime we can compare pictures, and put music to some of the shots I've done of Austin, and other cities I've visited elsewhere. I read your camera blog, but was too late to post in it as well, as I'm sure your window has ended by now of keeping it or returning it. Here's a journey from film to when i went digital: