Monday, August 25, 2008

Microbe Power

Although this comes off as an "I told you so!", because it is just that, I'll make not claims to the contrary and say, simply, that if you've been reading this journal, you read it here first...sort of.

My idea for harnessing microbes for power is, in fact, being researched.

My point here is really not to claim that I thought of this first (obviously, I didn't), or even that they are one and the same idea (they are not) but it does reinforce my hypothesis that big ideas are within reach of clear thinking, no matter who does it.

In this case, it is at least rewarding for me to think that I have the ability to come up with some interesting and potentially useful ideas on my own. Most interestingly, these ideas come to me without benefit of the data required by a scientist; supported only by paucity of information required by a dilettante such as I am but serving adequately as proof that even an underachieving intellectual can occasionally have a decent thought.

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