Saturday, June 5, 2010

Monster of Mine

Why so sad,
Monster of mine?
Have you lost me?

Have you not enough rage
to tear me apart?
Ah, are the sorrows
Has my laughter
weakened your resolve?

But your strength is famous
legendary, fierce!
Yet you fail
to set up upon me.
Are your teeth dulled by
old age?

Come, chase me
into the dark.
Afraid I will turn on you?

Oh Grendel, are you so old
that my defiance
will hold?

Or, am I
just stronger
than you imagined?

Lying in wait, all this time,
you thought I was getting weaker,
but the fear you smelled
was your own.

Without fear
there is no chase.
The hunt is
just a kill.

Why so sad,
Monster of mine?

You have lost me.

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