Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still Cold!

Well, it is out of focus, but here you can see proof that we are indeed in the Nations Capital and, I suspect, that it is still cold!  This is as bundled up as you will ver see me and Valery, and we were still cold.  Fortunately it was a bright sunny day, so but for the wind, we wouldn't have really noticed it.  As it was, we barely froze our fingers and toes before going into the National Gallery, which is a mere six blocks or so from the Metro.

There is so much to see and do here that we will of course have to come back for some of the more popular sights.  We won't, for eample, be going to the Air & Space Museum, but we do plan to go--in no particular order, mind you--to the National Portrait Gallery, the Spy Museum and the Lincoln Memorial tomorrow and Monday.  The hope is to do a fair bit of walking around the city center, soaking up the excitement and thinking about where, exactly, we plan to be come Tuesday.  David says he has a plan, which involves visiting a frined of theirs who has an apartment in Dupont Circle, so we can warm up after the event and prepare for the crush that will be heading out as they came in, via the Metro.

One thing that is really special about the town right now, judging by their sheers numbers, are the lines and lines of port-o-potties along every street and at every corner.  Though personally I have a strategy that involves restraint, it may not be possible to avoid an encounter with one of the lovely green and blue boxes.  Should this happen, dear readers, you will hear about it here first.

Tonight we are headed out again to see my brother David in a play, the Spanish Tragedy, so I'll post a review here tomorrow.

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